Guitarist | Composer | Sound Artist

Stuart Docherty is a Scottish Guitarist, Composer and Sound Artist living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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The final project from my MMus in Sonic Arts at the University of Aberdeen was recently premiered at The Anatomy Rooms in Aberdeen.
The project is called Spöksonaten and is an Audio-Visual telling of the eponymous play (The Ghost Sonata) by the Swedish playwright August Strindberg.

Due to the very supernatural and non-sensical story of the plot this play leads itself well to being told through audio and visual means. This allows the key points and metaphors of the play to be communicated even if every written line of the play cannot be.
The performance uses sound art and visual projections in order to highlight the story of a key character in the play - the young girl. This is combined with a live actor echoing the scenes in the visual projections in order to bring a sense of immersion to the audience and further make the audience feel like they are within the story world of the play.
The piece combines sound art, sound design, electroacoustic composition and composition for acoustic instrumentation and voice.

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  • Audio-Video installation, 5.1 sound, video projection and live performance.
  • Running time approx. ~26 mins | Premiered August 26 2016, Aberdeen.
  • Composer and Sound Artist: Stuart Docherty
    Voice Actor: Alexandra Drotz Ruhn
    Actor: Jennifer Drotz Ruhn
    Tenor: Richard Carnie