Dance Film

Stuart has collaborated with choreographer Jennifer Drotz Ruhn and phtoographer Brian Vass on various dance film projects:

  • Magna Mater

    With Magna Mater Jennifer wanted to explore complex female characters where the dynamic and powerful group they create is a given, not an exception.
  • Tofino

    Tofino is an experimental stop motion dance film and has had various screenings at dance film festivals across the world.
  • Barren

    In an exploration of the Scottish Highlands Barren delves into a surreal and dreamlike space, creating a picture of unease and tension set in a vast, bleak landscape.


  • Transmogrification Initialised

    Transmogrification Initialised
    Demo track from an upcoming Synthwave project.
  • Stand Your Ground 2

    Stand Your Ground 2
    Track 2 from the upcoming indie game Stand Your Ground.
  • Stand Your Ground 1

    Stand Your Ground 1
    Track 1 from the upcoming indie game Stand Your Ground.


  • Uppvaknande

    Orchestral track composed for the Bleeding Fingers competition.
  • Far Beyond the Stars

    Far Beyond the Stars
    Orchestral track from the Ascension album 'Far Beyond the Stars'.
  • The Rose-Red City

    The Rose-Red City
    A short composition inspired by the ancient ruins of Petra.